Here is a YouTube playlist featuring many of the pieces listed below

Click on a specific piece for its video and full program note.

Andrew AndersonNon utimini nomine - in the tradition of utterances that avoid using the name of the person talked about

Stacey Barelos, A Meditation on Trump Tweets - using prepared D-flats, the pianist improvises on the rhythms of tweets

Armando BayoloNot a Real Catastrophe (Like Katrina)  -  “like the breath of a Vengeful God,” Puerto Rico's National Anthem

David Bohn, Twitler Tantrump - He never says anything original, often gets things wrong, and is rarely coherent

James BohnWord Salad 

Don Bowyer, The Best Notes - arm cluster, and a nod to "Hail to the Chief"

Don Bowyer, A Very Stable Genius - quotation of "If I Only Had a Brain"

Don Bowyer, You're the Puppet - both hands wearing a sock puppet, quotation of "When You Wish Upon a Star"

Mark BullerStates of Resistance - repetitive figures that don't change in any meaningful way, obstinacy breeds immunity

Vanessa CornettTao Te Trump - sitting belligerently with arms crossed (and the spiritual insight of a very stable genius), 45 sec

Vanessa Corentt/Salam Murtada The Patriot  (for Colin Kaepernick) - Star-Spangled Banner, kneeling (optional)

Corey CunninghamA Lot of People are Saying - uses 45s verbal tics as source for musical motive, with frequent interruptions 

Rob DeemerKneel - minimalistic unfolding of The National Anthem, representing both protest and perceived expectations

Michelle McQuade DewhirstHail No! - distorted quotes of "Hail to the Chief" represent sense of dread 

Paul Dickinson#45words - improvisatory piece and computer program with 45 different words spoken by 45

David DrexlerVery Fine People - a canonic study on "Nazi Punks Fuck Off" (with apologies to the Dead Kennedys)

Jack Curtis DubowskyUmbrella at Air Force One

Jack Curtis DubowskyDJIA - graphic score representing the plummeting index. So much winning!

Jack Curtis Dubowskyi really don't care, do u? - the infamous Zara jacket worn by the First Lady during family separation crisis

Jack Curtis DubowskyS&P 500 - graphic score representing the plummeting index. So much winning!

Mohammed FairouzPiano Miniature #21.5 "Paradox of the Pluribus"

Danield FelsenfeldAmerica Obscura - anthems gone to seed, the reign of fear, and a whiff of hope, Ives quotations

Wes FlinnBetsy's Yachts (What Do You Do With a Wealthy Sailor) - quotes the famous shanty, and gives DeVos a grade

Joel FriedmanBomb(ast) and Circumstance - a portrait of #45's fractured and impatient personality

Michael GoodmanThe Wettest Storm - play on words related to both Stormy Daniels and Hurricane Florence

Michael HallA-Hole in One - shifting mood markings, like "explosive and combative, insecurity, argumentative, delusion"

Lee HartmanVery Stable Genius - 140-note matrix, with repeated "As" depicting the screams of sane people everywhere

Jason HoogerhydeKing Midas and His Fool's Gold - like an aging monarch, emotionally unhinged, enamored with his own voice

Joshua JandreauLittle King Trash Mouth - played with the knuckles

Kyle JohnsonA Small Handful of Forty-Five Note Miniatures for SmalL Hands 

Jennifer JolleyDemocracy Dies in Darkness - cells of 1-6 notes, played loudly/accented/repeated, "pensive at a typewriter"

Heidi JoostenDistracted - for piano and cellular phones!

Olivia KiefferSocial Media is totally discriminating against Republican/Conservative voices - Fake News!

Brendan KinsellaSAD! (for speaking pianist) - uses text from campaign speeches/early presidency, punctuated with "SAD!"

Brian LinnellPresident Trump's Twitter Feed - inspired by childish taunts, "Money, Money, Money," Russian National Anthem

Isaac MayhewThrough and Through - a fast-paced, irritating portrait of a presidency

Robert McClureF*!#face von Clownstick - words associated with #45 used to construct melodies in this piece with 140 beats

Marc MellitsEtude No.45: Tweets of Orange Fear

Lila MeretzkyHow I Learned to Worry - 140 pressure-packed and vacuum-sealed measures of escalation

Greg Nahabedian45 Takes a Bow and Goes Home - scores to a dream where #45 does a one-many Broadway show

Jim OlsenPermutations on 45 - spatial notation used to show how a-metrical and a-rhythmic #45 is as a public speaker

Nick OmiccioliLOCK HER UP! - based on the eponymous campaign chant, and other text about HRC, with "Dies Irae" chant

Bob OwensI Alone Can Fix It - a reference to #45s self-important speech at the RNC

Samara RiceBuilding the Wall - deconstructed/reconstructed melodic material from US/Mexico anthems

Logan RutledgeFortify - an etude inspired by the false sense of security a wall along the US/Mexico border would bring

Adam SchumakerJ is for Genius - for speaking pianist

Garrett SchumannSupremacy (toccata) - complex becomes simple through systematic removal of notes until one remains

Alan ShockleyThe Mouth

Jason SiffordLook, Having Nuclear - interpretation of the speech pattern from an epic speech, with a "GASBAG" ostinato

Andrew Martin SmithSubstratum - a great, march-y, polytonal waltz mingling anthems of the US and USSR

Juan Maria Solare, Bad Hombres Jumping Over My Wall While Yelling Arriba! Arriba! 

Nolan StolzVariations on a Nambian [sic] Folk Song - in response to #45's invented African country of Nambia in a speech

Nolan StolzDotard - inspired by North Korean leader's comment about #45

Kathleen TheisenSeparated - dedicated to the families torn apart at the US/Mexico border

Nicholas TranBiggest Wall Possibly Ever - a piece that builds a wall of sound which is clearly of little substance and ineffective

Josh TrentadueBread and Circuses - raucous spectacle of sound and chaos; cluttered, unfocused, toxic, an incessant tantrum

Andy VillemezDonald's Daily Affirmations - for singing pianist, awkward and slightly inspirational, over a chorale

Ethan WickmanThrough a Glass, Darkly - a palindromic chaconne, drawing on ideas of reflection, with a "wall" in the middle

Mark Winges45: What Comes After is More Important - loud, repeated high Ds, guttural sounds, followed by beauty

Bryan WysockiI Like Beer! - "after Brett Kavanaugh" for speaking pianist